If you can’t describe what you are doing as a process, you don’t know what you’re doing. - Dr. William Edwards Deming. Statistician and management consultant

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Process - How it Works

Information to insight login

User Registration

  • New user can Register or Signup with the Username, existing EmailID & valid Password
  • Password is a combination of Letter, Number & Special character
  • Once Signup, user will receive a welcome mail on registered mailID & an Activate button to activate account
  • After activation of account, user Login or Signin using registered mailID and password
  • User can Signin using existing Facebook or Google account
  • Registered user can reset the password with registered mailID by using "Forgot Password"
Data classification process

Create Project

  • Users to select “Create New Project” from “My Project” section
  • System will assign a project number for that project
  • Users need to download pre-defined excel template by clicking “1. Download Template”
  • The download excel template is a blank excel file with pre-defined headers.
  • Users need to fill related rows or transactions as per the header and save it.
  • The “User Manual” mentioned on the right side will help about the columns & user reference.
  • Users need to click “2. Upload File” to select or choose the filled template and to upload the file into this project.
  • A message will be shown once the file got uploaded.
Data profiling insight

Pre-Enrichment Insight

  • Once transaction file got uploaded, user can get the basic insight from the raw data
  • This is called “Pre-Enrichment Insight”
  • These insights are based on:
    • Total Transaction count
    • Sum of Spend Amount
    • Unique Transaction count on basis of item purchased
    • Unique Transaction count on basis of Supplier
      • Unique non-English Supplier count
      • Unique Supplier count contributing 80% of total spend
    • Unique Transaction count on basis of Account payable
  • This insight makes user to “go or don’t go” decision for effective actionable insight.
  • Also predicts if any additional manual processing is needed.

Data Enrichment

  • Transactional information needs to be enriched by 3 major steps (3C’s) that leads to effective actionable insights
  • The 3C’s or process steps of Data Enrichment to enrich information are:
  • Cleansing (Mandatory step):
    By removing or modifying incorrect, incomplete, irrelevant, duplicate, or improper format data for maximize data accuracy.
  • Clustering:
    By normalizing Supplier name with the help of data cleansing using business rules and/or legacy corporate hierarchy linking library.
  • Classification:
    By categorizing or classifying transactions for similar material/services and assigns into a taxonomy bucket or a category hierarchy.
  • User need to select the enrichment options and click “Submit” button to process the activity.

Post-Enrichment Insight

  • User can be able to find the enrich information from post-enrichment insights
  • Once the data enrichment activity completed, it will be available on “View existing project” of “My Project” section
  • Post-Enrichment insight is having a combination of calculations, graphs and parent-child level analytics.
  • Major insights like:
    • Transaction count on the basis of cleansing, clustering & classifications
    • Distribution of +ve and –ve spend amount
    • Attribute-wise top 10 ranked taxonomy analytics
    • Accuracy report
    • Supplier hierarchical spend distribution report
  • User can take more decisions looking at the analytics.
  • User can also download enriched information by clicking “Download Output File” button.
Data visualization actionable insight

Actionable Insight

  • The pre and post-enrichment insights will guide user to take business decision or action on certain insights.
  • User can visualize both insights from “Expense Analyzer” from “Dashboard(Insight)” section.
  • Actionable insights are based on:
    • 1. Advance Analytics
      • Tail spends and Indirect Spend Analysis
      • Payment Term and Price Variance Analysis
      • Maverick purchase and Bottleneck commodities Analysis
    • 2. Opportunity Assessments
      • Historical Spend Trend Analysis
      • Spend Forecasting
      • Saving Opportunity

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